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IGC-Approvals for GNSS Flight Recorders summary and Links to Documents

Links to Programs for Validation and Downloading of IGC files

Validating Legacy Secure Flight Recorders which do not have IGC-compliant DLLs

Analysis Programs for IGC Flight DataFiles

Date errors in IGC-approved Flight Recorders.

Sporting Code Section 3 (Gliding) - Annex B.
Requirements for Equipment used in the Validation of Flight Performances.
October 2018 Edition

Sporting Code Section 3 (Gliding) - Annex C.
Official Observer & Pilot Guide.
November 2018 Edition

Technical Specification for IGC-approved GNSS Flight Recorders. Amendment List 5.
Technical Specification for IGC-approved GNSS Flight Recorders, Full Document
Fifth Edition - with Amendment 5, dated 16th June 2019.

NAC Approved Position Recorders
Updated 2018

ANDS/GFAC Paper on Flight Recorder Security
(ANDS is the IGC Committee on Airspace, Navigation and Display Systems)

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